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Getting Help for KnowledgeTree Commercial Edition

KnowledgeTree provides professional support services to commercial customers (on-premise, and the SaaS version, KnowledgeTreeLive). Our support service includes priority assistance from KnowledgeTree support staff and engineers, with guaranteed response times.


Find out more about KnowledgeTree's Commercial Support services at the KnowledgeTree website, or contact us for help with choosing the best support package for your needs.


Logging Support Requests

KnowledgeTree Commercial support tickets (for KnowledgeTree on-premise, or KnowledgeTreeLive) are logged through KnowledgeTree's online Issue Tracking system, or via email.


KnowledgeTree Commercial on-premise customers receive instructions for logging support requests with their KnowledgeTree Commercial on-premise license.


KnowledgeTreeLive customers are provided with an account username and password for logging support requests through the online Issue Tracking system.


Find out more about logging support requests.


See also: 'Getting Support' on the KnowledgeTree Wiki.



Getting Help for KnowledgeTree Community Edition

Community support is available at the KnowledgeTree Community Forums, where you can post questions and get answers from our KnowledgeTree developers, and the KnowledgeTree community.



KnowledgeTree Documentation

The following documentation is available from

(View Online or Download PDF files)


KnowledgeTree Administrator Manual


KnowledgeTree User Manual


KnowledgeTreeLive Quick Start Guide


KnowledgeTree Installation and Upgrade Guide


KnowledgeTree API Documentation


A Guide to the Integration Interfaces into KnowledgeTree


A Guide to the Document Import Interfaces into KnowledgeTree



Don't see what you're looking for?

Try the following:

Review the Release Notes for your version.


Post your questions (and answers) at the KnowledgeTree Community Forum


Request new features, or tell us about an error. How do I use KnowledgeTree's Issue Management System?


Find more resources on the KnowledgeTree Community Wiki, and at


Contact KnowledgeTree Sales - by phone, fax, or email



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