Document Numbering Schemes

Commercial Editions Only

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Setting Up and Managing KnowledgeTree > Administration > Document Metadata and Workflow Configuration > Document Numbering Schemes

KnowledgeTree's Custom Document Numbering feature allows you to define a set of rules for creating custom document numbers for each of the document types in your system.


Commercial Editions Only

Note: This feature is available only in KnowledgeTree Commercial Editions. You must enable the Custom Numbering plugin to activate this functionality.


Note: Custom numbering schemes do not replace or remove KnowledgeTree's default Document ID, which comes from the database - one for each document. The custom numbering scheme allows you to define an additional ID for the document, based on its document type. You may use the KnowledgeTree document ID as an optional element in the custom numbering scheme, if required.



How are custom numbering schemes used?

When adding new documents to KnowledgeTree, users select a document type. If you have created a custom numbering scheme for the selected document type, KnowledgeTree generates the document's custom document ID, based on the document type, and according to the custom numbering scheme you defined.


When no custom numbering scheme exists for the selected document type, KnowledgeTree generates only the default document ID, which comes from the database - one per document.


Custom Document IDs are generated when new documents are uploaded, and when the document type is changed. Custom Document IDs may be re-generated on check in, if this is defined in the custom numbering scheme. A document's custom document number, and its KnowledgeTree Document ID, displays on the Document Details page.





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